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Spring 2015 SUPER REVIEWS at UTA orchestrated by BIJAN Youssefzadeh
2015 05 05

Architecture as/is Transcription : The Studio proposals for the

UTA 2050 Field of Dreams and the new College of Architecture Planning and Public Affairs

Guided by Antonio Sanmartin -BY will be at the Gallery for a fearless and warm conversation with Fantastic guests about architecture.

A celebration to finish a year of teaching at UTA and a preparation for  a

EUROPE semester in Spring 2015.

“Working with Hejduk”
2015 03 18

lecture at UTA: more than a decade of friendship.

collaboration and conversations for an architecture without fear and built despite been “ignored” by most of his contemporary architects…

Architecture Lecture Series
2014 11 17

November the 10th, Antonio lectures students about Architecture as/ is Transciption.

Lectures and Exhibition at The University of Texas at Arlington
2014 11 14

November 3rd, "Architecture as/is transcription" the lecture and exhibition by Antonio Sanmartín at the school of Architecture at the UTA.

" presentation Dregre Project Lloc Unit 2014 ...join us and find why some ETSAB tenure professors are against advance teaching and learning...other schools of excellence value it...exile is an option..."
2014 07 22

Entrega PFC_Martes 22Jul2014 10:00h.
ETSAB aulas Coderch

"Aigua, ciutat i entorn a Castelló de la Plana"
"Balcó del Mediterrani"
"Mojarse en el Besós"
"Buenas notícias para el puerto" 

Tribunal: Jaime Coll, Miguel Roldán, Josep Bohigas, Jordi Pagès
Invitados: Antonio Sanmartín, Alicia Huguet, Eduardo Cadaval, Manel Bailo

"...the Barcelona Summer Studio and Seminar walks on Venice 2014 elements and sparks..."
2014 07 08

TRIP TO VENICE (8th-10th July)

Washington University in St Louis_Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts College of Architecture. BSS14

Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design_ International Program

"...going west to breath advanced architecture teaching and learning...a break from of the iberian desert and struggles...thanks Bijan and Pia for the double TEXAS chance: personal and to aSZ arquitectes..."
2014 07 08

Antonio Sanmartín G. de Azcón, principal at aSZarquitectes

Visiting Associate Professor at School of Architecture, 

Studio Program: "Mexico City Infraestructural Agencies-Architeture is/as transcription"
Seminar Program:"Barcelona Living Infrastructures: European Public Spaces"

"...a celebration, the work of skillful students in their last Design Studio at ETSAB-UPC...a kick off for their licensing Proyecto Final de Carrera...a sample of the Unit "Lloc" proceedings, present and future aims always at odds with the academic status quo..."
2014 06 16

"Portes al Port"
Martes 17Jun2014, 10:00
ETSAB A.42-A.43-A.44

Profesores: Jaime Coll, Elena Rojas, Antonio Sanmartín
Invitados: Elena Cánovas, Jordi Ros, Clara Sola-Morales

"Sant Miquel del Cros Neighbors are already enjoy the Phase I & looking forward Phase II just delivered. Architects enjoyed too despite operated in a critical condition"
2014 06 06

Entregado el Proyecto de Ejecución del proyecto de urbanización del barrio de Sant Miquel del Cros en Argentona -FASE II-

"Kick-off of the 27th edition of Sam Fox School of Architecture as Wash.U. program in BCN"
2014 06 06

Barcelona Summer Program 2014
Washington University in St. Louis_Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts College of Architecture 

Studio_BSS14 (Adrian Luchini/Elena Cánovas/Mariona Benedito)

Seminar_2014_Barcelona IN-land/coanstruction/craft (Antonio Sanmartín/Elena Cánovas)

"Six more weeks to go to the Final de Carrera. Projects moved beyond expectations & procedures"
2014 06 06

Lunes 02 Junio 2014_15:30_A.21

PechaKutcha 20x20
Entrega Final Aula PFC
Curso 2013-2014

"Crafted success beyond some of the students comfort zone. The future will say…."
2014 06 06

e-Book of CIEE Global Architecture and Design
Future Cities Studio Barcelona
Spring Semester 2014

"Students have deployed their generosity for the Final Review of the BCNGlobalAD101. We hope our guests enjoy!"
2014 05 06

Tuesday 8thMay2014 - 14:00 to 18:00-
IAAC KitchenLab & Lecture Room 
18:30 - Farewell Event

CIEE-BCN Spring2014_Global Architecture and Design
Antonio Sanmartín + Javier Peña 
Guests Critics: Maria Aialova (Academic Director, Global Architecture and Design/Terreform One), Manel Gausa (Dean of IAAC), Silvia Brandi (IAAC Academic Coordinator), Areti Markopoulou (IAAC Research & Development Director), 
Jaime Coll (Profesor Titular ETSAB-UPC), Quim Rosell (BAU,ETH,ETSAB Instructor & Architect), 
Luis Fraguada, Oriol Carrasco and Carla Figueras

Elena Cánovas in Arizona, aSZ drawing in the edges: how far into the desert?
2014 02 26

Conversations & Allusions Lecture Series presents Elena Cánovas


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 6:00 PM


...pasado reciente para un presente continuo?...
2014 02 12

Dimecres 12 de Febrer a les 18:30h

Conferència_L'Hospitalet: veïns

vivienda y ciudad. housing & city.

projectes III-IV/T. etsabarcelona

Neighbors in the mood to start construction
2014 01 16

Inici de les obres del Projecte d'urbanització del Barri de Sant Miquel del Cros a Argentona

Reportatge i entrevista a Antonio Sanmartín al Barri del Cros:

Final Reviews FALL 2013
2013 12 23

A fantastic Final Review Week.

A chance to share knowledge and wisdom.

With our friends, at Sam Fox.

A School of Architecture getting better day by day.


Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Washington University in St. Louis

Graduate Studio's Exhibition at Powerhouse, Brisbane
2013 12 02

Graduate Studio's Exhibition 2013, The University of Queensland

Studios: F.Medek+K.Baber / L.Feduchi / A.Sanmartín+B.Howard


Exhibiton: 13th-16th December

Open night Friday 13th December, 6pm


119 Lamington Street, New Farm


Suma y Sigue: JH-aSZ en la Guía de Arquitectura Contemporánea de Galicia
2013 11 27

Guía de Arquitectura Contemporánea de Galicia

Arquitectura gallega del siglo XXI


"Guía de Arquitectura Contemporánea de Galicia, en la que se recogen 211 obras construidas en Galicia en la última década por más de 100 estudios gallegos, nacionales e internacionales..."

12 weeks for 17 Degree Projects in Brisbane, Australia
2013 11 26

Summer Exhibition

Brisbane Infrastructural Agencies

"Architecture is/as TRANSCRIPTON"

University of Queensland